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Flight delay

Your plane was delayed but kept its flight number.

Flight cancellation

Select this icon if your flight has been cancelled by the company. Your flight is cancelled if its flight number has been changed.

Luggage Problem

Select this icon in case of loss, delayed luggage or any other claim related to your luggage.

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Your complaint concerns the refund of taxes, an extra or your ticket.

On board

Your claim relates to a problem during your flight.

At the airport

An issue with our service before or after the flight.


If you have been denied boarding or have been downgraded, select this icon.


None of the above categories describe your claim.

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This section allows you to detail the subject of your complaint. This part being limited to 1000 characters, please describe precisely but briefly the subject of your complaint.

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Contact details:

These are those of the passenger who will be our contact for the claim.

Email :

This is the email on which we will contact you. Remember to check that there is no error.

Area of residence:

The 'Indian Ocean' zone covers the following countries: Réunion, Mayotte, Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, South Africa and Seychelles

Loyalty Card:

This is a 10-digit number beginning with 777.

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Flight number

Your flight number is indicated on your ticket and boarding pass. It starts with two letters and is followed by 4 numbers (ex: UU3980).

Booking number

Indicated on your ticket, it is composed of 6 letters or numbers.

Number of passengers on your ticket

You can file a claim for anyone traveling on your ticket.

Upload your ticket

Click on this button to upload and send us your ticket.

Flight connection

If you had a flight, with Air Austral or another company, before or after the flight on which your complaint relates, you can tell us about it by selecting 'Yes' in the dropdown menu.

Reason for the claim

To process your request, we need to know the reason for your complaint. Please choose from the following options:

Reason for the claim

We need some clarification regarding your claim. Please choose from the following options:

Reason for the claim

As the number of characters is limited, please briefly and factually describe the reason for your complaint.

Passenger information

In order to process your request, we need some information about you. These are the details that will be used to contact you.

At least 2 characters
At least 2 characters
Exactly 10 digits
Travel details

Please fill in your flight details.

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Exactly 6 characters